Birth Testimonials

After a very eventful birth with our first child at 31 weeks, I knew that I wanted a doula to accompany in my second pregnancy with a goal of making it to 40 weeks. Riah was the perfect addition to our birth team and her attention to detail, presence, ability to walk with me through some challenging moments leading up to our birth week ALONE was worth it. From the moment we checked in to the hospital through all the ups and downs during our birth week, Riah's knowledge, calm demeanor and peaceful nature kept us both calm. Riah was in my corner as we hoped for a VBAC and when that didn't happen, she held my hands, prayed with me and kept me calm as I headed toward the OR for a second C-Section. She truly was an asset to our providers and nurses. We went into this birth "Team surprise" and when the C-section I didn't want to begin with became one under general anesthesia, Riah was the one who went in and captured our son's first moments after he joined us earthside. The video she shared of our birth and meeting Eli for the first time still brings tears to my eyes. Riah is a now treasured friend and our son's Fairy Godmother. Her gifts are a blessing for anyone planning a family.

Book Riah now!!! One of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy was the booking of Riah to be my amazing doula during our daughters birth. Riah is the calm, cool, and collected constant you need during such a hectic and scary time. This was my first birth, and with no idea what to expect, she guided me through a great experience. Riah prepared us for the day with numerous meetings, exercises to try, and articles to help us decide how we wanted our big day to go. We ended up going against my birth plan due to medical issues and Stella joined us by c section in the early morning hours of June 12th. After the birth Riah took care of both mama & papa, got baby Stella latched with her first breast feeding session, and acquiring the nurses help with great actions photos of the birth:). She is available at any point before, during, or after birth for all questions or concerns. Her holistic knowledge with numerous aspects of birthing will put your mind and body at ease for the big day!! Much love to all... Cheers to a great birth!

Let me start by saying, if you are thinking of hiring a doula, do not hesitate for a minute longer and hire Riah. From our meetings prior to the birth of our son, to the endless texts and calls with advice, and to the birth of our son, we would not have had the same experience without Riah by our side. We tried to a long time to get pregnant so we had a long time to image what our birth would look like. While our son's birth did not go as planned, it was still the most amazing experience of our lives and we have Riah to thank for this. Riah offers a calming presence and keeps everyone's nerves at ease. She also motivates you and encourages you to stay true to yourself and your birth plan. I personally was worried that I would be judged if I needed to get an epidural (which I did--back labor is a b*tch), but Riah never made me feel like I had failed by deviating from my birth plan. Instead, she was at the end of my bed, rubbing my feet and comforting me. Riah was next to me as I pushed for close to 3 hours and supported me the entire time. I had a complication during my delivery and our son's breathing was a bit rapid after birth. Riah was at my side as the doctor attended to me, which allowed my husband to feel comfortable leaving me to go with our son to the nursey to be monitored for the next few hours. Riah stayed for another 4 hours after my birth to ensure that I would be able to nurse. Postpartum, Riah has served as a lactation coach and offered endless amounts of advice about being a new mom. Not only is Riah an amazing person and birth coach, she also took photographs of us during the entire labor process and of our son when he was born. These are memories that we will cherish forever. I cannot say enough positive things about Riah and her love for her clients, their babies, and her profession.

Riah, wonderful Riah. All I can say is that I feel so very fortunate to have found her through a mutual friend. She is one of the calmest people I've ever encountered, but fierce in all the right ways. 

As a first time mom interested in having a natural birth it was recommended to me to get a doula, I was hesitant because I didn't want a doula to take the place of the involvement of my husband. But after meeting with Riah she quieted my fears when she explained her heart was to empower couples to go through labor together, and she honestly did just that. My labor was FAST, I will spare the details, but I mention it to say that when my husband and I rushed to the hospital we were scared out of our minds. I will never forget when Riah met us with a wheelchair at the hospital entrance, It was like we could breath again. We knew we were going to be ok. 

As I recommend to my friends now, a doula like Riah is a gracious resource that can answer your questions & calm your fears during pregnancy. She was so helpful at those end weeks, where waiting gets hard & intimidating. And in labor she was a source of strength, confidence, & service for us.

Can not recommend this gem of a person more. 

I highly recommend Riah, and if I give birth again I will definitely hire her! Before giving birth, Riah educated me about the entire process and helped me feel as prepared as possible for what was to come. She helped me develop a birth plan and helped me feel confident that she would advocate for me if needed. She taught my husband and me different exercises to relieve some of the pressure my body was feeling during my third trimester. The midwives at my clinic all knew her, as did one of my nurses at the hospital, and they all had only wonderful things to say about her.

There were some minor complications during my labor and delivery. Through all of that I felt Riah's calm presence as she held my hand, coached my breathing, and helped me follow my instincts and stay focused. Afterward, because of those complications I was having, my baby had to be sent to the NICU. I was only allowed to hold her long enough for the umblical cord to be cut. While waiting for news on how she was doing, Riah gave me a massage and just talked to me, which was a welcome distraction since of course I felt so out of it and anxious. She stayed until we heard back from the NICU about how my baby was doing. My daughter was fine, but just had to stay in the NICU a few days for observation. Riah visited us in the NICU and took pictures since we weren't able to get any after she was born! She also took some video of those few moments I was able to hold my daughter after she was born. I cherish that because I have almost no memory of it now!

Riah continues to follow up with me and check on how my daughter and I are doing! I know I can turn to her to ask any questions or express any feelings I have about being a mom. I'm so glad she was part of my birth story!

Riah is worth every penny and then some, you will not regret choosing her as your doula.

Due to health complications, my birth didn't go as planned and resulted in an emergency c-section. All that said, I will use Riah again in a heartbeat and recommend her to all of my friends who are expecting.

I spent the first few months of my pregnancy supported by hospital staff, and transitioning to working with Riah (and, later, UK Midwife clinic) felt like a breath of fresh air. I was initially attracted to working with Riah because she came highly recommended by a friend of mine. My husband and I knew she was the right fit right away because of her grounded and calm demeanor (a must have for type-A people like us). She also has an apparent deep well of expertise and passion surrounding birth and motherhood. 

Meetings with Riah were never rushed. I vented, I cried, I celebrated, I was educated and empowered, I was reassured and most of all I was heard and validated. Nothing I asked was trivial or trite, and she went above and beyond to check in on me and provide guidance along the way, day or night, answering any questions. I felt so held by the warmth and personal connection in Riah's care. She truly offers loving, comprehensive care for her clients and their families. 

Though I didn't get the have the natural birth I envisioned, Riah was at my side at the hospital holding my hand, helping me nurse, all while capturing the most beautiful photos and video of our new family that we will treasure forever. 

I would recommend Riah to anyone planning a family. It’s a gift you can give yourself to truly embrace and enjoy your pregnancy without fear while getting the most attentive care possible.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and meeting Riah was no exception. I had considered hiring a doula, but I wasn't sure it would be beneficial considering the cost. I knew from a fellow mom’s great birth experience along with Riah’s sweet demeanor and love that she was showing towards this mom’s baby that I had to talk to her. I knew that if I wanted to have an all-natural delivery (that everyone doubted me about) then I would need a calm and knowledgeable person like Riah by my side. And she surpassed every expectation! She gave me all the tips and reassurance when I was worried my baby was breech, when my hips were hurting when I slept, when I was anxious about going past my due date, and the list goes on. We called her as we were heading to the hospital and she was there by the time we checked into our room. She helped guide us through the process and talked through every option with us. She made sure I kept trying different positions to help my labor progress and rotated with my husband to give me counter pressure for my back labor, which is the only thing that got me through the pain! She helped me stick with our birth plan even when I didn’t think I could handle the pain any more. Thanks to Riah, I now have my own wonderful, all-natural birth story to tell. It is also so special to share such a unique experience with Riah, who is so sweet and has such a loving way of recalling this magical and life changing part of your life. If you have any doubts at all, don’t because Riah is there to support you in any way that she can! I can’t say enough great things about her and tell everyone that I had such a great birth experience because of her!

Enlisting the help of Riah was one of the most important decisions I made about my successful VBAC. It was the most empowering experience in my life. She and my husband kept me completely relaxed and in the moment that I was falling asleep between contractions! Any time I needed anything, Riah was there. Speaking from the husbands perspective, Riah gave me the time to focus on supporting my wife. She was there to answer our questions and offer advice when answers were not straight forward. She took care of all the little things in the birthing room to help make the experience more comfortable and relaxing then I ever expected. Her support through the entire process from when she agreed to be our doula to the present day is probably one of her most amazing quailities. Little did we know that we were not just hiring a doula but we were finding a friend for life!

Having Riah as my doula is by far the best decision my husband and myself made with the birth of our second baby, sweet Cedar Bragg. As my pregnancy progressed with Cedar I didn't find myself having the same fearful thougths I did with my daughter, who is now three years old. I was confident that I could have another natural birth but I was extremley worried about delivering in a hospital after having my daughter at home. I wanted to have another beautiful magical birth, much like my first, and Riah made sure that happened. She helped me make a birth plan that suited my wants and needs. When Riah showed up on my front porch, as my labor progressed extremly fast, ready to take over helping my husband.. the biggest sense of peace and relief flooded over my body. My person was here and she was going to help me through this. She was the the thick of it doing exactly what she does best: encouraging, loving and motivating. We arrived at the hospital with little time to spare, the pain was starting to become unbearable. When I would scream she would calm me down to where I needed to be in order to get my baby out. When I moaned I couldn't take it anymore she assured me that I was amazing and that I was made for this. When I yelled at her to push harder on my hips- she pushed harder. She went through labor with me and I honestly don't think I would have had the beautiful birth experience I did if she wasn't there. She never once looked scared or worried when I was- she looked prepared and confident and that in turn put me at ease. Riah also captured the most beautiful, raw pictures as soon as Cedar was born. She turned into our photographer all while feeding me water and caring for me and my husband. I can't say enough good things about my doula Riah. If you are considering getting a doula just do yourself a favor and give Riah a call. She will exceed your expectations and give you all shes got to give! A doula that will be a lifelong friend. 

BIRCH (Partner)
It is very challenging for me to keep my praise of Riah Durick to just 2000 characters!  I cannot say enough about how much of a pleasure it was to work with Riah, both leading up to and during the birth.  She provided us with a well thought out hard copy birth plan which we were able to share with our Midwife at the hospital so there was no confusion as to what we wanted when the time came.  Riah answered all questions to our satisfaction and provided very sound, yet simple and easy to follow advice to help in the weeks leading up to the birth of our son.  When the time finally came, it happened really quickly for us with contractions intensifying to 8 minutes apart at 10pm on a Monday night.  Riah was there at our house (nearly an hour away) shortly after and provided so much comfort and support to us during this intense and exciting time.  She was akin to a shepherd gently guiding her sheep but not interfering.  This allowed the natural course of things to take place at a time determined by no one besides the baby and mother.  She said that my wife would know when the time to go to hospital was during the increasingly short time span between contractions and boy was she right!  At 1:30 am, when the contractions dipped below 3 mins apart, Michelle knew then was the time and so we went.  After arriving at the hospital at 1:45 am, our baby boy was born at 2:37 am.  During that final 45 minutes of in hospital labor and delivery, Riah was a soldier!  She held pressure on my wife's hips literally the entire time while still managing to take amazing photos and videos of these precious moments that we will treasure for a lifetime.  In summary, Riah Durick helped make our birth an experience that we will remember forever.  She was adept at running that fine line of coaching without interfering and letting mommy and baby run the show.  We love you Riah, you are amazing at what you do!!

As a first time mom, I didn't even know what questions I was supposed to have. Just knowing that Riah would be there to guide me during my birth allowed me to accept this unknown. I knew I wanted a natural birth but that I would be delivering in a hospital. Riah advocated for me when I didn't quite know what to ask for. (Birthing pool - always ask for the birthing pool!)

Before the birth Riah provided my husband and I with lots of helpful information. She even printed my birth plan out for me which helped in communicating my desires with my midwife team and the hospital staff. During her home visit she showed us a number of exercises and stretches that were definitely helpful once I got huge and uncomfortable. 

Once it came time to give birth my labor progressed fairly quickly. Meeting us at the hospital, Riah swept in with gentle lights and a calm, firm presence. I felt incredibly supported during my birth and surrounded by strong, competent women (and my wonderful husband!) Riah was excellent when it came to helping me ride the wave of each contraction, helping me to stay in control and make each one count. Though I thought I remembered everything, Riah took beautiful photos of moments that I had definitely forgotten.

I am so grateful to this woman for making my birth everything I hoped it would be. 

Choosing Riah as our doula was the best decision we made in my entire pregnancy. This was our first baby, and we quickly realized that we had a lot to learn and discover along the way. Riah far surpassed any expectation we had of doula services and I was constantly surprised and amazed by her dedication to me and my quickly growing family. To be specific, during my 22 hour labor, she was able not only to provide pain and emotional support throughout, but she somehow managed to take beautiful pictures AND video of the experience without me really noticing. I was almost convinced there were two Riahs there, juggling everything.

If I had to give two reasons why anyone would be lucky to have Riah join their pregnancy journey, one would be the way in which she naturally fits the role of a nurturer, and the other would be her openness and explicit communication regarding meeting your specific needs and wants. Riah made me feel comfortable in every stage, whether it was mentally preparing for contractions, or discussing breastfeeding and how crazy your body responds to...well, everything, or forgetting about being nice and saying "No, I'd rather not have a random nursing student watch my delivery". Being pregnant was tough, giving birth was tough, postpartum recovery was tough, but this woman did her job with grace, sincerity, and professionalism, which made the whole experience beautiful and memorable. We can't thank her enough for all she did and still does for us.

WILL (Partner)
Riah was the perfect choice for our doula! Seeing we were first time parents, we wanted someone who could help us with this new experience and to support us with the birth that we hoped for. Leading up to the birth we met with Riah multiple times and went over all the details, she was a great resource when we had questions and through our fun and informal sessions we were able to help decide on a plan that made sense for us.

We wanted to labor at home for as long as possible and thanks to Riah we were able to make this happen, she was able to provide the support and skills necessary to help my wife deal with the pain of contractions.

From the perspective of the husband, I found Riah to be amazing to have with us during labor, she was there for the things that I wasn’t able to do, but still allowed me to support my wife and feel useful, I think having her calming presence also helped us both to relax and actually have some fun!

She made our delivery room more like a Spa, the lighting, music and scents all helped contribute to make the delivery room a relaxing and calming space, we ended up having a long stay so I’m really pleased we had Riah to think of these small details to make our stay more comfortable.

Riah is a very caring person and is passionate about what she does, that was apparent throughout our entire experience. I would absolutely recommend her!

JUSTIN (Partner)
Riah was wonderful throughout. She worked alongside another doula, and while I'm not sure how much interaction either of them have had with each other...they acted as if they were one person the entire time. 

Riah also had the pleasure of taking pictures and video, and I can't begin to state my appreciation for her. She (despite her initial fears) was able to get exceptionally intimate photos of me and my wife. She also was able to get the birth, which I'm told is frowned upon by doctors (shhhh...). 

I'm very glad to have met Riah, and if would absolutely recommend her as a doula, with the added bonus of being able to take pictures if requested. Birth photographers are involved in a very intimate and awkward part of peoples lives, and being a doula makes it that much easier. 

Much appreciated Riah!