My passion as a doula comes from the deep desire for those who birth to feel heard, respected, and admired for their decisions about their childbirth experience. Prenatally, we get to know each other, discuss evidence-based information that will help you imagine and create your birth plan, and practice comfort measures that can be used at home and in the birth room. During your birth, I am there to coach you and your partner, assist your birth team with any needs, and help create a calming environment for you to birth your baby.


My name is Riah Durick! This is my husband, Daniel, our daughter Eva, and the sweetest beagle, Hila. I absolutely love serving Mamas via compassionate solidarity and good food.

The birth of Eva catapulted my passion for being a doula.
Pregnancy, childbirth. and navigating the waters of being a brand new mom were blissfully hard. My birth experience did not go as planned, but I was heard and respected by both my husband and midwives. There was just one element missing and that was a doula. A doula would have gently guided me through the unexpected while giving my husband the space to support me with comfort and love. This is why I am here.

I am deeply invested in the care for families as they navigate childbirth and beyond. Being there for you in this monumental life experience is an honor and one of my life's greatest joys.


YOU WILL BE KNOWN. Mama, there is a lot of advice out there, right? But it is only you who knows what is best for you and your baby. It is you who knows in your gut what kind of birth you desire, and I will serve you in that choice. It is my doula philosophy that the better we get to know each other, the better I can serve you.

PARTNER SUPPORT. One of my biggest goals is to coach your partner in comfort measures, both prenatally and in the midst of the big day! I want your partner to be the hero. My favorite tool is Oxytocin (the love drug), and I will do the grunt work so that they can give you as much of their emotional attention as possible.

ADVOCACY. The way I advocate is by providing evidence-based information and encouraging you to ask specific questions to your care provider so that you can feel good about your informed choice. It is my greatest desire for you to feel empowered to call your own shots and make your own choices. In times where decisions need to be made, I will remind you of this information and that you are the boss of your birth experience. It is my belief that with the information we can work through together, you will always know that you were in control.

A DOULA IS FOR EVERYONE. No matter what your birth plan entails, whether that be unmedicated, medicated, induction, caesarean; a doula is right for you. There are comfort measures that are used in every birth and other comfort measures that are unique to every choice. You will to be heard and cared for in every circumstance. I serve all peoples regardless of age, sex, race, color, creed, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, citizenship, disability, or marital status or any other legally recognized protected group.

YOUR BIRTH EXPERIENCE IS UNIQUE. And it is of utmost importance to me! Let's make sure your plans and preferences are on paper, but that ultimately it is you feeling heard and respected, comforted and tended to that will result in a positive birth story for you. Plans can change and preferences can be squashed but you WILL be loved and supported along the way.

HANDS ON. I stay active during your labor. Comfort measures are our best friend, and I am trained in various techniques so that we can keep you as comfortable as possible while things progress. I'm always going to be on the lookout for something in the moment that can support you. 

WE’RE GOING TO LAUGH. I believe wholeheartedly on the power of oxytocin and endorphins for a positive birth experience. We will laugh together, cry together, vent together. I will use my intuition and mirror your mood in every stage of the process so that you can feel comforted and loved.

EVIDENCE-BASED. I have access to many resources and will provide you with research for every little thing that can arise in birth. Knowledge is power!

I have had the honor and privilege of serving 17 births thus far.