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Our mission is to regard the birth of a baby as life’s most sacred experience. We believe that deep, nourishing care prenatally, during childbirth, and in the early postpartum days will set a beautiful tone for the years to come. Our village sustains this tone and we hope to be a part of yours via being a resource in the birth room and in the kitchen. We want to feed your sacred time.


Nourish the Mama truly began in 2016 with the birth of a child, sweet Eva Jane! With her came the rebirth of my heart and soul, bringing to light my most deep rooted passions of ‘mothering’ everyone around me. My birth doula training in 2017 left me feeling inspired to take this love of serving into the birth room of others aiming to be calming, reassuring and practical.

Doula work has been fulfilling for me from the get go. What a privilege to serve in the most sacred of spaces! Babies are born and families are reborn right before my eyes. I love to help guide the experience with my knowledge of comfort measures, providing options that empower birthing people to make informed choices, coming alongside them to support whatever decision that may be, and bring joy. In this place I get to be both the calm doula and the (hopefully) funny doula. We’re going to laugh!

With the progression of my practice came the evolution of Nourish the Mama. Naturally, I began bringing my clients food at their postpartum visits because I love to feed people and want them to feel even more doula’d when they eat my food. Each new birth has given me the opportunity to practice cooking healing foods for those who’ve just given birth. I have fallen in love with herbal teas, healing broths, and simple but delicious and whole food that nourishes from within.

Thank you to my own Mama for getting me here, my girl for making me a Mama, and all the Mamas who have allowed me into their space.





The birth of Eva transformed - or simply brought to the forefront - my life’s purpose.
Pregnancy, childbirth, and navigating the waters of being a mom were/are blissfully hard. Around eight months postpartum I started digging into what would be next for me, taking my childbirth doula training with DONA only a few months following. There have been growing number of Mamas who’ve trusted me in their sacred birthing space ever since.

Combine doula-ing with my love and passion to serve in the kitchen, and you have what I hope to be my long-term career, Nourish the Mama. It brings me so much joy to serve in this transformational space.

My sweet family is Daniel, our almost 3 year old Eva, and 13 year old beagle named Hila! We love to explore in the woods, walk around downtown Lexington, be in community with an incredible group of friends, and try to travel when we can. We would not be where we are without the unwavering support of our village and hope to always reciprocate. Both Daniel and I have started our passion work since having a child, and we are so excited to share these things with you.